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You have a message and a heart to serve others. We have a way to amplify it across social media.

Content Maximizer

Social Media Management

Social Media Engagement

Monthly Strategy Calls

Graphics and Copy Creation

Content Maximizer

It is time to stay in your Zone of Genius and let us handle the rest.

If managing your social media accounts is sucking the joy out of your work, then Ten10 Social has the solution. We’ll take the steering wheel while you keep us fueled with your requests.

How Does Content Maximizer Work?

There are 3 steps in the framework...

Genius Mode

We identify the way in which you create content that is full on genius mode (a notebook, live trainings, a podcast, etc.). Together we will figure out where your best ideas come to life, then distribute it onto your social. This is the core of the Content Maximizer framework!


Next, we take that incredible content you already have and repurpose it across social media platforms. We create the graphics, copy, content, optimize it and align it with the strategy I have created. It is scheduled and ready to rock and roll.


Finally, we share your amazing new social content with the world! From hashtag research to engagement, we'll attract your ideal clients and build lasting relationships on the daily. I'll also coach you and help you create stories or videos to share with your followers, old and new.

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FB & IG Ads

Ad Strategy

DFY Ad Management

Graphics & Copy Creation

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Let's face it, the Facebook ads terrain is a rough one. But it doesn't have to be.

Today, more than ever, it is important to have a professional managing your ads account who stays up to date with the current changes, is constantly learning ways to get better results, and who obsesses over your account for you.

Facebook ads is still the best way to put your ad in front of your target customer or client. It is still the best-paid marketing tool to invest in that will scale your business. If you have a proven offer and are ready to invest, lets chat to see if we are the perfect fit!


Done-With-You In A Day

Organic Social Media Strategy

Content Calendar Plannig

Organic Social Media VIP Day

Stop posting then ghosting, stop posting without a strategy, and stop stressing over social media. Let me help.

Sometimes done for you is not the best option for businesses and I completely understand. Instead of leaving you out in the social media streets by yourself, VIP Day may be the best option for you. Together we can create a strategy, purpose, and goals for your social media.

Client Review

Sara lopez

Knowing that all of my website and social media needs are being met without me having to lift a finger…. such a blessing. I get my time back and that’s priceless.

I am “social media challenged”. Working with Sam on our company website, Facebook and NextDoor pages has been amazing. I was able to give her some key details about my company (roofing company) and she ran with it. My company now not only has a digital social media presence but it is polished. I could have never pulled this off. Knowing that she is in the background running all of this has taken the stress off of me which allows me to focus on other areas of my business. I can’t recommend Sam enough.